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Predoctoral Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Quantitative Biology

Photo by Mathew, Joshua
Santiago Salazar, Genetics, Advisor Stephen Strittmatter

The CMQB Training Program (CMQBTP) supports 30 predoctoral students per year from the Departments of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at Yale University and at the Yale School of Medicine. The direct goal of the program, which engages trainers from all four departments, is to facilitate the students’ progress through finishing their courses, rotations, Qualifying Exams, the early phases of their thesis work, and in planning for their future careers. We also help our students begin to develop important career skills in oral scientific communication and in critical thinking. We accomplish this through CMQBTP-specific activities: CMQBTP Research-in-Progress Talks, Sponsored Career Workshop Speakers, supporting the Biomedical Career Fair, the CMQBTP Symposium, and support for travel and education-related expenses. Students continue to remain associated with the CMQBTP even after they are no longer supported by the training grant, benefiting from the networking and educational opportunities that we offer such as the annual student-run CMQBTP symposium and various Career Workshops. We measure our students’ success by the generation of a novel and rigorous thesis dissertation based on original research performed by the student, the publication of this research in well-regarded peer-reviewed journals, and exemplary post-graduation achievements in science related fields, whether in academia, government, or the private sector. We focus on encouraging our students to find the right career choice for them.

Program Director :

Susan J. Baserga, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, Genetics and Therapeutic Radiology, Director of Medical Studies

Program staff :

Bonnie Ellis, Associate Director
CMQB Training Program
Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program
Institutional Training Grant Database (ITG Hub) Office

Katie Farley-Barnes, Ph.D.
Special Assistant for Program Development for the CMQB Training Program

Jennifer Franzoni, Sr. Administrative Assistant
CMQB Training Program
Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program

Supported by : T32GM007223 and T32GM007223-S1. All publications with student co-authors resulting from their graduate work should cite this training grant number.

Predoctoral Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Quantitative Biology

  • The mission of the CMQBTP is to rigorously train outstanding early career scientists to address fundamental biological problems using molecular and cell-based mechanistic approaches and to prepare them for leadership positions in scientific research and science-related careers.
  • In an effort to expose our student to the wide variety of career options that a Ph.D. in the biological sciences opens up for them, we continue to bring scientists to Yale to talk about their career choices and to network with the CMBQTP students.
  • All CMQBTP students are strongly encouraged to participate in the enormous variety of activities available on campus that immerse them in the current literature, afford opportunities to present their work and learn presentation skills, and foster a sense of community among graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty.

  • To foster the development of vital skills in the scientific exchange of ideas, the CMQBTP supervises several programs that provide students with the opportunity to present their research, expose them to scientists outside of the Yale community, and develop a professional network that provides career opportunities once they leave Yale. All of these activities are intended to bring together students with diverse scientific interests and to help them take charge of their own educations and careers.

  • Graduate student trainees are invited to apply formally to the CMQBTP at the end of their first year in graduate school at Yale University. 

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