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Maria Pinango

Associate Professor of Linguistics

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Maria Pinango


Pinango's lab works on the neurological underpinnings of the combinatorial mechanisms (morphological, syntactic and semantic) involved in language use and how the output of this mechanisms is linked to the larger conceptual system. This research is carried out by means of normal-brain based models and lesion-based models (i.e., focal brain lesions resulting from vascular disease). The methods used range from strictly behavioral (e.g., judgments, picture-matching tasks), to online methods (e.g., eye-tracking, cross-modal lexical decision) to neuroimaging (fMRI) (Eye-tracking and fMRI are done in collaboration with Dave Brazie at Haskins labs and Todd Constable at the Anlyan center, respectively).


  • Spanish Language
    Venezuela 2008
    Professor Pinango is conducting a research project on the structure of the Spanish language.
  • Linguistics Collaboration
    Germany 2003
    Professor Pinango has a collaborative research project grant with Humboldt University. In general her research interests examine the process of integration of different linguistic information during comprehension in real-time occurs (focusing on the integration of semantic and syntactic information), and whether differences in the process of integration (i.e., differences in time-course of activation) find parallels in cortical realization and distribution. Further she is interested in the characterization of language deficits that result from brain damage, and in the interaction between linguistic processes and other cognitive capacities such as memory.

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