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Yale’s Review of Advances in Oncology: "Highlights from the ASCO Annual Meeting 2021"

Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital Present

Yale’s Review of Advances in Oncology Highlights from the ASCO Annual Meeting 2021

8:00AM Welcome and Introductions

Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD

8:10AM Gastrointestinal Cancers

Pamela Kunz, MD

8:25AM Case Discussion: Gastrointestinal Cancers

Sajid Khan, MD, FACS, FSSO, Stacey Stein, MD, and Christina Gomez, MD

Moderated by: Pamela Kunz, MD

8:45AM Prostate and Bladder Cancers

Daniel Petrylak, MD

9:00AM Case Discussion: Genitourinary Cancers

Joseph Kim, MD, Michael Hurwitz, MD, PhD, and Michael Leapman, MD

Moderated by: Daniel Petrylak, MD

9:20AM Breast Cancer

Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH

9:35AM Case Discussion: Breast Cancer

Lajos Pusztai, MD, Neal Fischbach, MD, Sarah Mougalian, MD

Moderated by: Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH

9:55AM Lung Cancer

Sarah Goldberg, MD, MPH

10:10AM Case Discussion: Lung Cancer

Anne Chiang, MD, PhD, Gavitt Woodard, MD, Henry Park, MD, MPH

Moderated by: Sarah Goldberg, MD, MPH

10:30AM Break

10:40AM Keynote Lecture and Q&A Discussion

The Cancer Act—Happy 50th Anniversary!

Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., MD, and Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD

11:10AM Head & Neck Cancers

Barbara Burtness, MD

11:25AM Case Discussion: Head & Neck Cancers

Aarti Bhatia, MD, Benjamin Judson, MD, and Melissa Young, MD, PhD

Moderated by: Barbara Burtness, MD

11:45AM Melanoma and Renal Cell Carcinoma

Harriet Kluger, MD

12:00PM Case Discussion: Melanoma and RCC

Michael Hurwiz, MD, Thuy Tran, MD, PhD, Kelly Olino, MD

Moderated by: Harriet Kluger, MD

12:20PM Closing Remarks

Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD



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