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Yale Engage: "COVID-19 Inflammation and Genetics: Where Biology Meets Translation"

To marshal our individual skills, expertise and resources, Yale is launching Yale Engage, a month-long interactive webinar series aimed at facilitating academic/industry collaboration to combat COVID-19.

Yale is harnessing our strengths and capabilities to attack COVID-19 across a number of scientific domains including biomedical research, economics, and public health. With industry collaboration and support, these efforts are expanding from bench and clinic to policy and strategy.

Each Yale Engage session will feature a moderator with a panel of renowned Yale experts addressing current and future challenges posed by the pandemic. Our goal is to share information and promote impactful collaboration. With real-time dialogue and strategic introductions, we will pinpoint critical issues, scalable solutions, and mount a multifaceted response that will help us emerge from the pandemic at a faster pace.

These webinars are open to the public but registration is required. Sessions will be designed for industry executives currently working on their company’s response to COVID-19.







Lectures and Seminars
Jun 20203Wednesday
9:30 AM11:00 AM