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The Yale BBS Diversity and Inclusion Collective (YBDIC)

The Yale BBS Diversity and Inclusion Collective (YBDIC) is committed to fostering the intellectual and personal growth of underrepresented minority (URM) students in BBS. Our central mission focuses on a three-pronged approach: student engagement, student empowerment, and advancement.

The student engagement division aims to increase the representation of URM scholars in BBS by advancing progressive recruitment initiatives coupled with student outreach to engage the next generation of minority scientists.
The student empowerment division tackles the historical legacy of patterns and practices that have led to the exclusion of minority students in STEM. Through this division, we aim to empower minority students and address and alleviate historical and psychological burden that comes with being a minority in STEM. Through the appointment of dedicated YBDIC fellows for each track in BBS, we will be able to gradually create more inclusive training environments at the department level – and we believe this will culminate into institutional change.

The student advancement division is committed to preparing minority students in BBS to successfully navigate the next stage of their academic career and transition into non-academic or academic sectors. By creating a dedicated URM faculty mentoring network and leveraging our alumni relationships, we will be able to provide URM students with models and mentors as they traverse the next stage of their academic career. Collectively, through the concerted of each branch we aim to foster individual empowerment and lasting institutional change.

YBDIC Fall Schedule 2020

Outreach Forum (BBS-wide) | September 3rd from 6-7 pm ( )

The YBDIC Outreach Branch is committed to supporting and engaging underrepresented students participating in Dr. Giovanna Guerrero-Medina's PATHS Beginnings and PATHS Transitions programs. Please join us on September 3rd at our YBDIC Outreach Forum to receive more information about this program and learn how to get involved.

Demographics: BBS Students (PhD and MD/PhD) and BBS Post-Docs

Contact: Paola Figueroa-Delgado (YBDIC Outreach Branch Chair),

YBDIC Virtual Happy Hour | September 4th from 4-6 pm ( )

Celebrate the weekend and meet other fellow BBS URM students. Bring your smiles and drinks.

Demographics: BBS Students (PhD and MD/PhD)

Contact: Mytien Nguyen (YBDIC Empowerment Branch Chair),

FALL WEBINAR SERIES | September, October, and November

( )

Password: YBDIC

Please join us for a three-month long webinar series tailored to first- and second-year graduate students. This series of webinars is designed to equip incoming students with the skill set and knowledge that will enable them to successfully adjust to graduate school.

What I wish I knew | September 15th from 6-7 pm

Strategies for a Successful Transition into the PhD | October 6th from 6-7 pm

Resources for Success | November 10th from 6-7 pm

Demographics: First- and Second-Year BBS Students (PhD and MD/PhD)

Contact: Mytien Nguyen (YBDIC Empowerment Branch Chair),

Entrepreneurship and Startups in Biotech; Starting your business as a URM | mid-October

The goal of many biological research scientists is to produce knowledge that may benefit society in a tangible way, and this requires translation of novel therapeutics from the bench to the bedside. However, minority ownership of businesses in the biotechnology space is severely lacking which indicates that biomedical issues specific to these populations are likely being overlooked. Come join The Collective for a discussion surrounding the barriers towards building a startup and your brand in the biotechnology space. A discussion of this process from a URM perspective will be emphasized.

Demographics: Senior BBS Students (PhD and MD/PhD), BBS Post-Docs, and BME Students

Contact: Christopher Anderson (YBDIC Advancement Branch Chair),

YBPA Game Night | December 18th from 6-7 pm

Yale Black Postdoctoral Association (and YBDIC) welcomes you to joining us for Game Night on Friday, December 18th at 6 pm. There will be prizes and treats for everyone who ‘attend’ this virtual event.


Chrystal Starbird, (YBPA Co-Chair),; Termara Parker (YBDIC Graduate Chair),