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Yale Resources

New: BBS Program and MD/PhD students have the opportunity to take a course "Skill Development for Diverse Scientific Careers" (BBS550), which is generously supported by an administrative supplement to the Predoctoral Program in Cellular and Molecular Biology, T32GM007223, and the BBS. Yale faculty and personnel from local biotech and pharma companies discuss a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, the business of science, skills development, translational research, and more.

Below are some of the main university resources for assisting students with both current training and future career development.

Career advising. CV and cover letter workshops. Networking opportunities. Career panel discussions. Job postings. And everything in between. OCS is a full-service career center for students and alumni of the Graduate School.
The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) helps graduate students become prolific and successful academic writers.
The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning not only trains students to become excellent lecturers, it also teaches students how to create presentations, develop new courses, write exams, and control classroom dynamics. Those interested in careers in academia greatly benefit from this type of training.
The Yale Career Network is a database of alumni in all fields who are interested in networking with current students to help students define career objectives and explore career interests.