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Career Outcomes

The BBS Program, the Yale Graduate School, and the university as a whole strongly encourage students to investigate careers both within and beyond academia. As shown in the graphs below, BBS students have been extraordinarily successful in their career pursuits and do enter very diverse career paths. Of the 1,350 students who have graduated since 2001, career data are available for 97% of these graduates. Of those for whom data exist, the unemployment rate is less than 1%. The graphs below divide graduates into two pools: a) recent graduates, many of whom pursue postdoctoral training upon graduation; and b) older graduates, most of whom are now in established careers.

For a more granular view of career outcomes for students who graduated within the past 5 years, please visit our Graduate School program statistics page. Use the pull-down menu on the top left of the page to view data on each of the 11 PhD programs under the BBS umbrella. A 12th PhD program in Translational Biomedicine is too new to have any graduates yet, and data for this program are not available.