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Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology Rotations — Traditional Track

First & Second Years: AP

Resident training in the Anatomic Pathology curriculum is structured to provide in depth exposure to all specialties within surgical pathology. Surgical pathology at Yale-New Haven Hospital is organized on a subspecialty system, and residents rotate through all specialties over the course of their training. First year residents also rotate on the autopsy service and spend time at the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to gain forensic pathology experience.
AP Rotations First Year (AP1) Second Year (AP2)
Surgpath: Breast, Head/Neck/Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Gynecologic, Thoracic/Genitourinary 4 weeks (each) 4 weeks (each)
Dermatopathology 4 weeks 2 weeks
Hematopathology 2 weeks 4 weeks
Cytopathology 4 weeks 4 weeks
Medical Renal/VA 6 weeks 2 weeks
Autopsy 12 weeks 4 weeks
Forensic Pathology 2 weeks
Pediatric/Bone/Soft Tissue 6 weeks
Molecular/Neuropathology 4 weeks
Frozen Section 3 weeks
Elective 4 weeks

Third Year: CP

The CP portion of the AP/CP curriculum is run by the Department of Laboratory Medicine and typically encompasses the entire third year of the program and half of the fourth year. During this time, residents focus solely on clinical pathology rotations. These include transfusion medicine (blood bank and apheresis), hematology/flow cytometry, clinical microbiology, clinical chemistry, and rotations at the nearby Veterans Affairs Hospital.

CP Rotations Third Year (CP1)
Transfusion (Blood Bank/Apheresis) 8-12 weeks
Hematology/Flow Cytometry 8-12 weeks
Clinical Microbiology 8-10 weeks
Clinical Chemistry/Immunology 8-10 weeks
VA Main Lab 4-6 weeks
VA Clinical Projects 4-6 weeks

Fourth Year: AP/CP

The fourth year of the AP/CP curriculum is split, with residents spending six months on AP senior rotations and six months on CP senior rotations. On CP senior rotations, emphasis is made on laboratory management.

AP Rotations CP Rotations
Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine 4 weeks (senior)
Hematology/Flow Cytometry 4 weeks (senior)
Microbiology 4 weeks (senior)
Clinical Chemistry 4 weeks (senior)
Elective 4 weeks
Molecular 4 weeks
Frozen Section 6-8 weeks
Bridgeport 4 weeks
Hot Seat 4-6 weeks
Specialty Biopsy 4 weeks
Molecular Senior 2 weeks
Informatics 2 weeks
Elective 4 weeks