Opportunities for Global Health

This page provides contact information for various global health opportunities for resident involvement. While there are a few Yale-specific opportunities, most are provided by international organizations that focus on providing clinical care and education in the developing world. Each organization has confirmed that they encourage and support resident and fellow involvement. If you are interested in volunteering your time we recommend contacting any of the organizations found below.

Yale Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Yale Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

The Yale Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences organizes an annual medical mission trip in collaboration with local colleagues at the Hospital de la Mujer Dominicana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and the medical school at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo.  A multi-disciplinary group of Yale OB-GYN, Anesthesia and Internal Medicine attendings, residents, nurses, technicians and volunteers convenes annually with their local counterparts to provide a series of activities that include: patient workshops, provider and student-level education and training and GYN and GYU surgical procedures.

Past participants, November 2018:
Claudia Fernandez-Robles, M.D., Attending
Robert Chow, M.D., Attending
Anushri Desai, M.D., Fellow

Changing Children’s Lives

Changing Children’s Lives is a non-profit organization based in New Haven, dedicated to providing specialized reconstructive surgery for congenital and acquired deformities in children all over the world. Procedures range from burn contracture releases to cleft lip and palate repairs.

Contact: Mark Weinstein, M.D.
Website: Changing Children’s Lives  

Past participants:
Adriana Herrera, M.D.
Balazs Horvath, M.D.
Robert Stout, M.D.
Suzana Zorca, M.D. ‘13

Hand Help

Hand Help is dedicated to providing comprehensive hand surgery to children in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Contact: Grant Thomson, M.D.
Website: http://www.handhelp.org/
Past participants:
Robert Stout, M.D.
Irena Vaitkeviciute, M.D.
Tori Myslajek, M.D.
Jammie Ferrara, M.D. ‘12
Nehal Gatha, M.D. ‘11
Kristin Richards, M.D. ‘12

Yale Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

Cardiostart International

Contact: Janine Henson
Phone: 813.304.2163/503.926.4232
Website: http://cardiostart.org/
Surgical Focus: Cardiac
Cost: $40 registration + airfare
Scholarships: n/a
Requirements: senior residents/fellows only

Christian Medical and Dental Association- Global Health Outreach

Contact: Alicia Trivett
Phone: 423.844.1037/423.366.6965
Website: http://www.cmda.org/
Surgical Focus: ENT, OB-Gyn, Orthopedics, General Surgery
Cost: $1500 + airfare
Scholarships: available
Requirements: any level resident/fellow

Cure International

Contact: Heather Hunter
Phone: 717.724.4002
Website: http://cure.org/
Surgical Focus: Neurosurgery, Orthopedics
Cost: $1000 for in country expense + airfare
Scholarships: n/a
Requirements: any level resident/fellow

Faith in Practice

Contact: Claire Wisdom
Phone: 713.484.5555
Website: http://www.faithinpractice.org/
Surgical Focus: General surgery, ENT, Plastics, OB/gyn, Orthopedics
Cost: $110 application fee (refundable) + $800 for in-country costs + airfare
Scholarships: available upon acceptance
Requirements: any level resident/fellow

Helping Hands Medical Missions

Contact: Gloria Madrigal
Phone: 972.253.1800
Website: http://www.hhmm.org/hhmm_about.php
Surgical Focus: general surgery, OB/Gyn, Hand reconstruction.
Cost: airfare + mission fee (typically $600-750)
Scholarships: n/a
Requirements: any level resident/fellow

Lumiere Medical Ministries

Contact: Marie Monroe
Phone: 704.823.0271
Website: http://www.lumiereministries.com/index.html
Surgical Focus: General surgery, Urology, Orthopedics
Cost: $750 + airfare
Scholarships: n/a
Requirements: any level resident/fellow

Operation Smile

Contact: Sarah Kirsch
Phone: 757.321.7766
Website: http://www.operationsmile.org/
Surgical Focus: Plastics (Cleft care)
Scholarships: Reagan Fellowship (please see website)
Requirement: senior level residents/fellows only
Past Participants:
Dorothy Gaal, M.D.
Tiffany Denepitya-Balicki ‘12


Contact: Evelyn Abad
Phone: 160.415.252.1111 x101
Website: http://www.rotaplast.org/
Surgical Focus: Plastics (Cleft Care)
Cost: $350+ airfare
Scholarships: n/a
Requirements: senior residents/fellows only

Surgical Volunteers International

Contact: Tom Flood
Phone: 832.434.1593
Website: http://www.surgicalvolunteers.org/
Surgical Focus: Burn care, Urology, Cleft lip/palate
Cost: airfare only
Scholarships: n/a
Requirements: senior residents/fellows only

ASA-GHO:  Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship Program

The American Society of Anesthesiologists Global Humanitarian Outreach (GHO) committee offers a scholarship program for U.S. Anesthesiology residents to spend four weeks in a resource poor setting. The site for the rotation will be a CURE Hospital in Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi or Kenya or a GHO affiliated site in Rwanda or Guyana. Residents will have the opportunity to experience the challenges of delivering safe anesthesia in a low-resource, underserved area in a developing country as well as participate in the training and education of local anesthesia providers. With appropriate planning, the resident will be eligible to receive ABA credit. Covered expenses include travel, lodging, meals, visa, vaccinations and medical insurance.

SEA-HVO:  Traveling Fellowship 

Senior residents who have been approved after applying for a SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship will spend four weeks teaching anesthesia in a low resource country. The SEA-HVO Fellowship is co-sponsored by the Society for Education in Anesthesia and Health Volunteers Overseas. Traveling Fellows may choose to rotate at any pre-approved HVO site if the dates they choose to teach are dates that are available at the site. Traveling Fellows must be HVO members and travel arrangements will be administered by HVO. This is considered a clinical rotation outside the primary program and pre-approval must be obtained from the ABA Credentials Committee. Because this is an outside rotation it should normally be completed prior to the last three months of residency. Two days on either end of the rotation may be taken as travel days; otherwise residents are expected to be teaching on site all days that have been agreed upon by their program and HVO site.

·Praba Boominathan ‘18

·Samrawith Goshu ’16

Did you Know?

  • There is currently 1 anesthesiologist per 1.5 million people in Uganda (total population 31.7 million).
  • There is currently 1 anesthesiologist per 7,268 people in the United States (total population 307 million).

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