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New manuscript published in the next issue of Anesthesiology

September 30, 2019

Dr. Miriam Treggiari published a manuscript in the next issue of Anesthesiology. 2019; 131:840–9

Title: Education Program Regarding Labor Epidurals Increases Utilization by Hispanic Medicaid Beneficiaries

The use of epidural analgesia to manage labor pain is lower in Hispanic than Caucasian women in the United States. This randomized trial was conducted to determine if a linguistically concordant three-pronged educational program consisting of a video, corresponding pamphlet, and in-person counseling increased the use of epidural for labor pain among Hispanic women. The educational program increased epidural usage in Hispanic women, but did not change epidural usage in Caucasian women. The educational program was also found to reduce misconceptions regarding epidural labor analgesia in both Hispanic and non-Hispanic women.

Submitted by Garrett Sendlewski on September 30, 2019