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Project Proposal

The Yale Media Lab is a resource for the entire Department of Anesthesia at Yale. We are committed to training the next generation of leaders in the medical community by producing quality multi-media learning tools. All of our products are open source and we would be happy to partner with anyone who has an idea or project that can benefit our residents as well as the global community of anesthesia practitioners. All individuals or groups considering developing a program or project with the Media Lab must define a desired outcome by which we can measure the effectiveness and impact of the program. Please see the following steps in our process:

  • Complete an online project application.
  • After submitting an application it will be reviewed by the Director of Education and Yale Media Lab staff. If the proposal is accepted, a member of Yale Media Lab will contact you within 10 business days to coordinate an initial meeting.
  • New projects are prioritized based on current institutional needs.

All projects will have a working time frame of 12 weeks. If a project is approved, those who will be involved are required to confirm the amount of time they will commit to the project, sign consent forms for the assets acquired through out the project and agree to non-commercial copyright, co-owned by the Yale Media Lab.