Flipped Classroom

Flipped classrooms have gained a lot of popularity with educators in the last few years.  The concept aims to leverage the use of blended learning. The online format is reserved to teach basic concepts while the face to face classroom learning is used for exploring application and synthesis of information.
This is especially relevant today in medical education given the constraints on time for resident duty hours and the ever-expanding volume of medical information. We have begun using this concept in anesthesia residency training at Yale. Our goal is to have a library of videos, podcasts and material to help teachers and learners in the specialty.
We begin by sharing with you the material for teaching the topic of neuromuscular blockers. We have an animation for the mechanism of action of neuromuscular blockers and a feedback form for teachers and learners using the material.
Please let us know how you are using the material and we would love if you could share your learning objects with us.

Video Resources

Flipped Classroom Resources

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