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The Anesthesiology Media Lab

This section of the Yale Anesthesiology Education web site contains the videos and materials that will help you prepare for the beginning of your residency training with us.

The Yale Anesthesia Learning and Education (YALE) Media Lab is an initiative led by Dr. Viji Kurup to design multimedia learning objects for Anesthesia Education. It is funded by the Department of Anesthesiology and the videos are produced by faculty and residents with technical assistance by Garrett Sendlewski. The Department of Anesthesiology at the Yale University School of Medicine is committed to training the next generation of leaders in the medical community. With a deep commitment to innovation and education, the Yale Media Lab is dedicated to elevating current standards of residency education.

Ongoing Projects at the Media Lab:
The Media Lab serves as a launching pad for residents and faculty who want to do multimedia/technology projects. Currently we have residents who are involved in projects as varied as a ”Clinical Videos in Medicine” submission to the New England Journal of Medicine the development of mobile learning cell phone apps, and the video animation of an operating room environment using gaming technologies. Faculty and residents may use the media lab to make podcasts for “flipped classroom” lecturing and review . We also maintain a repository of archived learning sessions that are preserved for faculty and residents who did not attend the live sessions.

In order to facilitate the use of our classrooms and learning environments we have create a series of videos pertaining to room setups, procedures, and short films designed to guide residents through their everyday activities.
Flipped classrooms have gained a lot of popularity with educators in the last few years. The concept aims to leverage the use of blended learning. The online format is reserved to teach basic concepts while the face to face classroom learning is used for exploring application and synthesis of information. Read more about how we flip our classrooms.

Would you like to do a project with the Yale Media Lab? The Yale Media Lab is a resource for the entire Department of Anesthesia at Yale. We are committed to training the next generation of leaders in the medical community by producing quality multi-media learning tools.