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Reunion 2019: Class of 1974 45th Reunion Class report

June 14, 2019

An enthusiastic group of the Class of 1974 came together to celebrate our 45th Reunion. Some of us toured the ultra-modern Clinical Exams Room and the sparkling Anatomy Lab with computers at every table—so different and vastly improved from our experience. The Cushing Center tour was both inspiring and eerie.  None of the class of 1974 knew of the 400 jars of brains that were hidden in a sub-basement of Harkness Dormitory. They were discovered later and visited secretly by students who joined the Yale Medical School Brain Society. A brief video ( tells their story.

The Dean’s State of School address highlighted YSM’s remarkable growth in clinical service and revenue as well as research successes. At the annual meeting of the Association of Alumni in Medicine Doug Berv received the Distinguish Alumni Award Service Award.

Robert Kolodner was one of three speakers at a panel discussion, “Paths we’ve traveled within medicine.” Rob talked about his three careers as psychiatrist, creator of the Veteran’s Administration Electronic Health Record (the first of its kind), and chief medical officer of a telemedicine company.

Leonard Banco, Ralph Binder, Eliseo Demorizi, Harvey Gerhard, Robert Jimerson, Robert Kolodner, Dahlia Kirkpatrick, and Edward Marut came together for a celebratory dinner at Doug Berv’s home. During the cocktail hour Rob Kolodner arranged for us to use Zoom to connect with Robert Hempton, Marie Kelley, Ed Janosko, David Collier, and John Schrumpf. We reflected fondly on those classmates who have passed away: Carl Lundberg, Danielle Goldwater, Ron Brown, Richard Cazen, Saul Lande, Alan Levine, and David Lewin. The evening was filled with memories, stories, and laughter. Everyone was distressed to hear that the Yale System, which was so central to our experience in medical school, is threatened, particularly by mandatory classes. The celebration continued at Doug’s house with a brunch the next day that lasted until 7 pm!

Thanks to all who came or participated from a distance. Your participation enriched the event and renewed the joy of being Yale-trained physician.

 -- Submitted by Doug Berv

Submitted by Tiffany Penn on June 25, 2019