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Reunion Volunteers

Reunion volunteers are an integral part of planning during the reunion year. Reunion program chairs help plan class-specific programs and meals, and help classmates reconnect with one another and Yale in anticipation of the reunion gathering on campus in the spring. Reunion gift volunteers encourage classmates to make a special contribution in honor of the reunion milestone year to support the mission and students of the School.

1963 – 60th
Harold P. Kaplan, MD
Alexander R. Gaudio, MD
Reunion Program Co-Chairs

1968 – 55th
Elizabeth M. Short, MD
Reunion Program Chair

Donald O. Lyman, MD
Gift Chair

1973 – 50th
C. Richard Boland, MD
Randall M. Zusman, MD
Reunion Program Co-Chairs

David Pickar, MD
Reunion Gift Chair

50th Reunion Committee:
Harold R. Mancusi-Ungaro Jr, MD
Lee Goldman, MD
George Lister, MD
Christopher (Kip) Doran, MD

1978 – 45th
Duke E. Cameron, MD
Seth M. Powsner, MD
Reunion Program & Gift Co-Chairs

1983 – 40th
Judith A. Melin, MD
Reunion Program Chair
Michael B. Tom, MD
Reunion Gift Chair

1988 – 35th
Rhonda L. Karol, MD
Reunion Program Chair

1993 – 30th
David A. Tendler, MD
William D. Dockery III, MD
Michael G. Kaiser, MD
Reunion Program & Gift Co-Chairs

1998 – 25th
Lawrence (Lori) Etter, MD
Gregory S. Raskin, MD
Reunion Program Co-Chairs

Naomi F. Botkin, MD
Russel C. Huang, MD
Reunion Gift Co-Chairs

2003 – 20th
Rajasekhara R. Ayyagari, MD
Mark A. Berman, MD
Reunion Program Co-Chairs

2008 – 15th
Brittany G. Craiglow, MD
Kristina F. V. Zdanys, MD
Reunion Program & Gift Co-Chairs

2013 – 10th
Gloria R. Sue, MD
Reunion Program & Gift Chair

2018 – 5th
Shang-Lin (Sunny) Chung, MD
Ronnye Rutledge, MD
Reunion Program Co-Chairs