Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine (AYAM)

The Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine (AYAM) is comprised of all graduates from the Yale University School of Medicine, and those trained as interns, residents, and fellows in Yale’s postgraduate program. It serves as a link between the School of Medicine and its graduates and helps alumni stay in touch with Yale while providing opportunities for social interaction, networking and volunteer services.

If you have interest in being involved in alumni activities, or suggest a fellow alum who would be great to get involved, please complete our alumni volunteer webform. The Alumni Association also has several working committees you may join. With the exception of the Executive Committee, committee membership is open to any member of the alumni association. For additional questions or more information, please be in touch with us at or (203) 436-8551.

Executive Committee

The executive committee has primary responsibility for the activities and representing the interests of the alumni to the school and university. Elections are held each spring and results are announced at the Annual Meeting of the Association during reunion weekend.


President               Harold R. Mancusi-Ungaro, Jr., '69, M.D. '73 of Santa Rosa, CA
Vice President   Lillian A. Oshva, M.D. '96 of New York, NY
Secretary               Amy Liebeskind, M.D. '98 of New York, NY  
Past President    Richard Kayne, M.D. '76 of Woodbridge, CT

At-Large Members

Douglas A. Berv, M.D. '74 of Bethany, CT
J. MacLeod Griffis, M.D. '66 of San Francisco, CA
Lisa Ragan Ide M.D. '89 of Minneapolis, MN
Harold P. Kaplan, M.D. '63, of North Haven, CT
George Lister, M.D. '73 of New Haven
Mark Meyer, M.D. '94, J.D. '98 of New York, NY
Carole A. Smarth, '92, M.D. '97, of Leesburg, VA
Eric P. Suan, '82, M.D. '86 of Baltimore, MD
Anne A. Wolf, M.D. '92 of West Roxbury, MA
Dora L. Wang, M.D. '90 of Los Ranchos, NM

Delegates to the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA)

Argo P. Caminis, '00, M.D. '08, of Somerville, MA
Fred Cantor, '58, M.D. '62 of Bethesda, MD
Brendon Graeber, '01, M.D. '06 of Branford, CT
Mark Ruchman, M.D. '76 of Washington, CT
Rachel Villanueva, '92, M.D. '97 of New York, NY
Susan Wolf, M.D. '97, of San Carlos, CA

Ex Officio 

Dean Robert J. Alpern, M.D.
Ensign Professor of Medicine, Dean of Medicine

Philip W. Lebowitz, M.D. '72 of New York, NY
Chair, Alumni Fund

Deborah Jagielow
Director, Alumni Affairs

Ex Officio Student Representatives 

Sijan Zheng, MED '26
President, Medical Student Council 

Kunal Potnis, MED '22
1st year liaison

Lina Vadlamani, MED '21
2nd year liaison

Juliana Lawrence, MED '20
3rd year liaison

Tafadzwa Chaunzwa, MED '19 
4th year liaison

Mytien Nguyen, MED '21
MD/PhD & 5th year liaison

The Communications Committee promotes more effective communication among all alumni, students and administration by highlighting existing university media, including Yale Medicine, Medicine @ Yale, Alumni & Friends website, and the numerous other print and digital communications circulated at the medical school. The Committee strategizes about the most effective ways to use these media.  A sub-committee focuses on celebrating the unique “Yale System” of medical education, a Humanistic educational model that encourages students to take control and responsibility for their own education. The Committee fosters more connectedness between reunion classes by meeting at least once with the reunion chairs to share relevant information and best practices.  Based on 2014 survey data, the Committee has aggressively promoted social media among the older alumni, specifically employing the concept of the "Genius Bar" during reunions. This activity brings the students in direct contact with the alumni. The Committee also promotes digitizing reunion activities using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flipagram and other social media.

Chair: Donald E. Moore, M.D. ’81

The AYAM, AYA, and University Collaborations Committee began as an effort to encourage medical students to “cross the highway” and experience the greater University, the campus, and the activities offered within the Yale Community.  More recently, the Committee's role has played into the efforts of the University and the Association of Yale Alumni to link students and alumni of the College, the Graduate School, and professional schools with the medical school, the School of Public Health, the School of Nursing, and medical center.  AYAM members have participated regularly in AYA speed mentoring events. The Committee seeks creative ideas for collaboration of the AYA and AYAM in event planning, sharing best practices and mentoring.

Co-Chair: Fred Cantor,58, M.D.62
Co-Chair: Rachel Villanueva,’92, M.D. ’97

The Alumni Fund Committee reviews fundraising progress throughout the year benchmarked against previous years, considers ways to thank and recognize donors, and organizes the annual fundraising phonathon.  The chair of the Alumni Fund Committee works with each of the class representatives to optimize annual class giving, especially in reunion years.

Chair: + Philip W. Lebowitz, M.D. ’72

The Student Engagement Committee fosters alumni-student interaction through participation in activities such as the Yale School of Medicine Hunger and Homelessness Auction and the Yale Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology Healthcare Hackathon. In addition, the Student Engagement Committee is dedicated to the development of meaningful relationships between YSM alumni and current students through the YSM Women's Alumnae-Student Mentorship Program and the YSM International Students' Alumni Mentorship Program

Co-Chair:  Douglas A. Berv, M.D. ’74
Co-Chair:  + Amy Liebeskind, M.D. ’98