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Yale School of Medicine is committed to fostering an environment of professionalism, inclusivity, and mutual respect. As such, YSM takes allegations of bullying, harassment, and unprofessional behavior extremely seriously. 

If you experience it, please report unprofessional behavior or mistreatment. While reports may be submitted anonymously, it can make it difficult to follow-up and corroborate incidents. 

If you prefer to discuss your concern in person, please email Jessica Wilen, the Director of Professional Standards, to set up a time to meet.

Director of Professional Standards of Conduct

The Director of Professional Standards of Conduct is responsible for assessing issues of concern and coordinating the response to matters pertaining to faculty behavior and professionalism at the School of Medicine.  As director, Jessica Wilen is responsible for triaging issues, determining appropriate intervention pathways, and ensuring that complaints and concerns are being addressed consistent with University and School of Medicine policies.

Contact Dr. Jessica Wilen for concerns related to harassment/bullying, sexual misconduct/discrimination/harassment, inequality/discrimination, clinical competence, scientific misconduct, promotions/appointments, and all other professionalism concerns.

Deputy Dean and Chief Diversity Officer

Darin Latimore, the Deputy Dean and Chief Diversity Office for YSM, is responsible for developing a strategic plan for diversity and inclusion at the medical school, liaising with key affinity groups, and supporting underrepresented faculty, students, and trainees.

You may contact Dr. Darin Latimore for concerns related to bias, discrimination, or identity-based harassment.

Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs oversees the policies and procedures related to faculty appointments and promotions for the Yale School of Medicine, as well as advises faculty members, department chairs, and administrative offices on policies regarding recruitment, retention, compensation, and leaves of absence.

Contact Dr. Linda Bockenstedt if you have concerns related to appointments and promotions.

The Office of Academic Analytics

The Office of Academic Analytics conducts the annual faculty compensation review to ensure pay equity at the school of medicine.

Contact Tracy Larmer for concerns related to salary and compensation inequity.

Yale Police

Yale Police offers 24-hour availability for confidential consultations regarding possible criminal action.

Contact the Yale Police if you are concerned about the imminent safety of yourself or another person or if you would like to file a report of criminal activity.