Clinics, Office Hours and Consultation

Recognizing that budget constraints can inhibit investigators from turning to statistical scientists for assistance, the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences (YCAS) offers free office hours, weekly research and design clinics and analytic clinics to meet the needs of researchers at the schools of medical and public health. Click here to schedule office hours  or use our online form to request a research and design clinic or analytic clinic. 

Free Research and Design Clinics

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12pm-1pm and 1pm-2pm in 300 George St, Suite 555 by appointment only, YCAS leads sessions on designing studies and analyzing data. Researchers of all levels are welcome without obligation. To reserve a space, please e-mail Be sure to include a brief summary of your project.

Free Analytics Clinics

Do you have data but you're not sure how to analyze it?  Have you performed a data analysis but you'd like to talk to a statistician about the results?  The Data Analytic Clinics has a statistician perform an exploratory data analysis on a data set provided by a researcher.  Emphasis is placed on the statistician and researcher collaborating to provide and initial understanding of the data.  By the end of each clinic the researcher should walk away with an understanding of the structure of the data through visualizations and statistical models.  All code created during the session is provided to the researcher at the end of the clinic.

Analytics Clinics are scheduled by appointment only and last about 1 to 1 ½ hours.  Please click on Request a Consultation to schedule your Analytics Clinic.