About the Certificate


Applied Analytic Methods in Epidemiology

This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of data management and data analysis techniques. The SAS statistical software program is used. Students learn how to create and manipulate data sets and variables using SAS; identify appropriate statistical tests and modeling approaches to evaluate epidemiologic associations; and perform a broad array of univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analyses using SAS and interpret the results.


  1. SAS Fundamentals I
  2. SAS Fundamentals II
  3. Bivariate and stratified analyses (exploring confounding, mediating, and moderating/effect modification)
  4. Thinking in terms of “table shells” (going from analysis plan to SAS programming to “filling in the blank
  5. More SAS tips and trick

  6. Ordinal and multinomial logistic regression
  7. Linear regression
  8. Survival analysis
  9. Poisson regression and conditional logistic regression
  10. Analyzing multistage probability sample surveys

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