From Singapore to Oxford to Yale

A native of Singapore, Reuben Ng is the first person from his country to receive an International Fulbright Science and Technology Award, which funds three years of study in the PhD program. 

After completing undergraduate work in psychology and business at the National University of Singapore, Reuben was inspired to study organizational psychology. While earning a master’s degree at Oxford, he focused on the best way to train diplomats, journalists and consultants who have to work in different cultures in short periods of time. Instead of being stationed in country for several years, people in these professions are sent all over the world for short, and often intense, periods of work in this era of globalization, explains Reuben.  “Country specific training doesn’t work anymore.”

Now a PhD candidate in the Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology where his advisor is Becca Levy, head of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Reuben’s research is on the psychological predictors of longevity. He was awarded a Wisconsin Longitudinal Study pilot grant from the US National Institute of Aging. Reuben was the first graduate student to receive this award.

While at Yale, Reuben has worked both in the StatLab and as a teaching fellow to Jeannette Ickovics for the class, Social and Behavioral Influences on Health, and he cultivates an interdisciplinary approach to his work. “Yale provides an exciting research environment; you can collaborate with top experts in different fields,” says Reuben.