Focus: Malaria

Affiliation: Makerere University and the Yale Schools of Public Health and Medicine

Contacts: Sunil Parikh, M.D., M.P.H.

Projects: Makerere University in Kampala, partnered with several U.S. institutions, has had long-standing research and clinical programs focusing on infectious diseases such as malaria, TB, and HIV. The research program at Yale focuses primarily upon malaria, with a research based currently in Eastern Uganda, in the town of Tororo, a highly malaria endemic region. The program focuses on aspects relating to the treatment of malaria in vulnerable populations, primarily young children and pregnant women. Yale Medical School also has extensive collaborations for the training of US physicians and students at the Makerere Hospital through an exchange program. Ugandan researchers also collaborate with Yale faculty through a NIH-sponsored Global Infectious Disease Training Program (Fogarty D43 TW007391) and sponsored 13 Fogarty International Research scholars and fellows in the past 4 years. Please contact the site PIs for more specific details. The principal ongoing project for fellows include:

NICHD-supported project (Antimalarial pharmacology in HIV infected and uninfected children and pregnant women in Uganda, R01 HD068174 (Multiple PI, Parikh and Aweeka)

  • A major goal of this project is to investigate the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of artemether-lumefantrine, the most widely adopted antimalarial therapy, in the context of age, pregnancy, and antiretroviral-related changes, with the goal of optimizing treatment for malaria and HIV.
  • The above project also aims to characterize early immune responses to malaria in the setting of HIV, developmental changes, and pregnancy.

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