Fogarty Training Program

YSPH faculty with scientists who are here from St. Petersburg to study HIV/AIDS as part of a Fogarty Training Grant. This program, established in 1998, develops talent among behavioral and medical scientists to participate in interdisciplinary HIV research. Front row, left to right: Rashad Abyshev, Anton Pashchenko. Back row, left to right: Stanislav Toropov, Marina Vetrova, Olga Alexandrova, Ted White, Linda Niccolai, Robert Heimer.

Focus: Development of public health leadership and HIV prevention 

Affiliation: The St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU) and the Pavlov State Medical University (PSMU)

Contacts: Robert Heimer, PhDDmitry Lioznov, MD, PhD

The St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU) and the Pavlov State Medical University (PSMU) are State Educational Organizations accredited by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and Education. 

Yale researchers and scientists and educators at these two institutions in St. Petersburg have been engaged in pedagogical and research activities since 1999. Yale University and these two Russian institutions have collaborated on the training of Russian medical scientists beginning in through two Fogarty-International Center-funded grants: an International Clinical, Operations, and Health Services Research on AIDS/TB(ICOHRTA) grant for Russia and an AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP) in Russia that will continue through the summer of 2016. Professor Robert Heimer of the Yale School of Public Health serves as the principal investigator on both of these grants. 

SPbSU is the second oldest university in Russia and a major center for teaching and research, with a faculty of nearly 6,000 teachers (1,000 Doctors of Science, over 2,000 Candidates of Science, 42 Academicians of state academies) who represent 289 academic departments. Yale has worked with the university to provide training and research opportunities in HIV prevention and treatment science to faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students format least seven of the departments including Biology, Medicine, Sociology, Psychology, Law, Applied Mathematics, and Philosophy. Among the SPbSU faculty who have participated in this training program, funded through an AIDS International Training and Research Program Grant from the Fogarty International Center are Alla V. Shaboltas, the current Dean of the Psychology Faculty, Olga Borodkina, Associate Dean of Sociology, and Alexander L. Tulupyev, Professor of Applied Mathematics.  Programmatic ties have included the establishment of a Masters of Public Health program at SPbSU. The research studies have included project in which Dr. Shaboltas has been the principal investigator and large-scale intervention trials to reduce HIV transmission among people who inject drugs and students in dormitories of vocational colleges. These intervention trials and other studies have led two more than two dozen publications over the last decade. 

PSMU is one of three major medical training centers in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second most populous city. PSMU has a long history of training foreign students that began in Soviet time just after World War II in 1945. Since then about 2000 individuals from 65 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have been attended medical university and more than 400 doctors from foreign countries have pursued a course of practical work, specialization, clinical studies or post-graduate research for Ph D degrees (candidate or doctor of sciences in medicine). The University offers postgraduate educational program (internship, residency, fellowship courses) for medical graduates in more than 40 medical specialties. Every year more than 300 physicians undergo postgraduate training. The collaboration with PMSU for this training grant will be Dr. Dmitry Lioznov, MD, PhD, Head, Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology. As part of the existing grants several senior faculty have participated in research training at Yale including, Dr. Lioznov, Dr. Evgeny Krupitsky, Professor of Psychiatry, and Dr. Tatiana Krasnoselkhikh, Associate Professor of Dermato-venereology. The studies with Drs. Krasnoselskikh and Krupitsky have yielded six publications in the English language, peer reviewed medical literature. In addition, several residents have participated in research training at Yale through the AITRP and ICOHRTA grants on mental health, TB diagnostics, and viral hepatitis. 

Interactions between Yale researchers and their colleagues in St. Petersburg over the past dozen years of collaboration include research opportunities for US medical, graduate, and public health students. Individuals from Yale and other universities have spent time in St. Petersburg to conduct research. Several researchers who are on the faculty at Yale University have established research collaborations in St. Petersburg and have spent time there working with our research partners at PMSU, SPbSU, and other research sites. Their efforts include work on NIH-funded research grants including R03, R21, R01, and U01 projects. 

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Qualifications of potential trainees
Working knowledge of Russian is a major consideration in the selection of fellows.