Tiago Moreno Castilho PhD

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The focus of my research has been leishmaniasis, in particular, organisms of the Leishmania (Viannia) subgenus. We are characterizing, in Diane McMahon-Pratt's lab, L.(V.)panamensismolecules which participate in the pathogen-host interaction and investigating their action in the immune system. But I am interested in aspects from pathogen biology (molecular biology/biochemistry), clinical/epidemiological research (methods of diagnosis and determination of parasite load), to relevant molecular aspects of the pathogen/host interaction (host or pathogen molecules that might play a role in the infection development and maintenance).

Previously, during my PhD work at University of São Paulo in Lucile Floeter-Winter's lab, we developed a PCR based test to detect and identify organisms of the L.(Viannia) subgenus that has been used in other laboratories in Brazil, being one of the 4 molecular tests mentioned in the “Manual for Surveillance of American Integumentary Leishmaniasis” (2007) a publication of the Brazilian Health Ministry. In my postdoctoral work at Yale University in Diane McMahon-Pratt's lab, we developed a murine model of L.(V.)panamensis infection that uses a relatively low number of parasites to establish the infection with chronic disease and induces a similar immune response to the one observed in patients naturally infected with this pathogen. This model has successfully delineated the key role of IL-13 in mammalian host susceptibility to L.(V.)panamensis infection. Further, this model has been used in vaccine studies and is being currently used in chemo- and immunotherapy research at Yale University.

Education & Training

University of São Paulo (2000)
Postdoctoral Research
Yale School of Public Health, Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases (2006 - 2012)

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