Suzette A Benitez, BA

Research Assistant Program and Promotions Manager, New Haven Public School Initiatives


Ms. Benitez joined CARE as the Program and Promotions Manager in 2010. She works to implement and coordinate health initiatives with the New Haven Public Schools, as well as manage the collection of data for the Health for Achievement study in 12 NHPS. She is a member of the District Wellness Committee and the YSPH Workplace Survey Committee. Previously, Suzette worked in sales and marketing for the travel and tourism industry for Greater New Haven, served on the Board of Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce (Tourism Task Force), and on the Bid Committees for FIFA World Cup 1994, and the Special Olympics World Games (1993-1995). She is experienced in handling media and press conference details and currently is responsible for crafting content for quarterly e-news, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Education & Training

BA University of Massachusetts, (1981)

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