Russell C Barbour, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Public Health (Biostatistics); Associate Director for Research Methods and Analysis, Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS

Research Interests

Statistics as Topic; Diseases

Research Organizations

School of Public Health: Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS

Selected Publications

  • Heimer, R., Barbour, R., Shaboltas, A.V., Hoffman, I.F., & Kozlov, A.P. (2008). Spatial Distribution of HIV Prevalence and Incidence among Injection Drug Users in St. Petersburg, Russia: Implications for HIV Transmission. AIDS, 22(1), 123-130.
  • Niccolai, L.,Toussova, O., Verevochkin, S.V., Kozlov, A.P., Barbour, R., Heimer, R. (2008). High HIV Prevalence Suboptimal HIV Testing, and Low Knowledge of HIV-Positive Serostatus Among Injection Drug Users in St. Petersburg, Russia. AIDS Behavior, (),
  • Paintsil E., Verevochkin S.V., Dukhovlinova E., Niccolai L.M., Barbour R., White E., Toussova O.V., Kozlov A.P., and Heimer R. (2009). Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among Drug Injectors in St. Petersburg, Russia: Social and Molecular Epidemiology of an Endemic Infection. Addiction, 104(11), 1881-90.
  • 2009 Kruse, G.R., Barbour, R., Heimer, R., Shaboltas, A.V., Toussova, O.V., Hoffman, I.F., Kozlov, A.P. (2009). Drug Choice, Spatial Distribution, HIV Risk, and HIV Prevalence among Injection Drug Users in St. Petersburg, Russia. Harm Reduction Journal, 6(22).
  • 2010 Niccolai, L.M., Verevochkin S.V., Toussova,O.V., White, E., Barbour, R., Andrei P. Kozlov, & Heimer, R. (2010). Estimates of HIV incidence among drug users in St. Petersburg, Russia: continued growth of a rapidly expanding epidemic. The European Journal of Public Health, (Epub 2010).

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Russell C Barbour, PhD
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