Nicole Overstreet

Postdoctoral Fellow in School of Public Health

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Dr. Nicole Overstreet received her Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Connecticut, where she was a NIMH-funded T32 pre-doctoral fellow in the Social Processes of HIV/AIDS Training Program. Currently, she is a NIMH-funded T32 post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS. Her program of research examines the intersection of intimate partner violence (IPV) and HIV risk in marginalized groups, with a particular focus on social factors that influence risk (e.g., stigma, prejudice, discrimination). Dr. Overstreet’s recent work considers how stigmatizing experiences with IPV victimization influence HIV risk factors, negative self-appraisals, and negative affect. Her work also examines mechanisms linking IPV and HIV risk, including substance use and psychological distress (e.g., PTSD, depression). Dr. Overstreet’s short-term goal is to establish a strong methodological and ethical foundation to investigate the effect of IPV and stigma on HIV risk behavior, mental health, and utilization of support networks. Her long-term research plans include developing interventions to address IPV, stigma, and HIV risk among groups disproportionately affected by HIV and other STIs.

Education & Training

University of Connecticut (2010)
University of Connecticut (2012)

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