Kuang-Yao Lee, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Biostatistics

Research Organizations

School of Public Health

Research Summary

Research interests:

• Statistical genetics and genomics

• Statistical machine learning

• Graphical modeling and causal inference

• Semi- and non-parametric methods and their applications

• High-dimensional inference

Selected Publications

  • Lee, K.-Y., Li, B. and Zhao, H. (2016) On an additive partial correlation operator and nonparametric estimation of graphical models. Biometrika, 103 (3): 513-530.
  • Lee, K.-Y., Li, B. and Zhao, H. (2016) Variable selection via additive conditional independence. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B, 78 (5), 1037-1055.
  • Lee, K.-Y., Li, B. and Chiaromonte, F. (2013) A general theory of nonlinear sufficient dimension reduction: formulation and estimation. Annals of Statistics, 41, 221-249.
  • Lee, K.-Y., Liu, T. and Zhao, H. (2016) Comment on the discussion paper `Causal inference using invariant prediction: identification and confidence intervals' by Peters et al. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B, 78, 947-1012.
  • Chen, P. C., Lee, K.-Y., Lee, T.-J., Lee, Y.-J. and Huang, S.-Y. (2010) Multiclass support vector classification via coding and regression. Neurocomputing, 73, 1501-1512.
  • Chiang, C.-T. and Lee, K.-Y. (2008) Efficient estimation methods for informative cluster size data. Statistica Sinica, 18, 121-133.

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