The Yale School of Public Health is actively working on many of today’s most pressing health issues. Research includes HIV/AIDS, air pollution and respiratory health, insect-borne diseases, health disparities, cancer epidemiology, global health systems, chronic diseases and genomics, among many others. Advances in these areas help to improve the lives of people locally, nationally and worldwide.


YSPH researchers find that banning e-cigarette sales to minors spurs conventional smoking. More


Ebola Modeling

YSPH researchers have developed a series of mathematical models to predict the diseases's course in Liberia and devised interventions to slow and stop its spread. More


Genetic Research

Our researchers have narrowed the search for the gene or genes associated with inherited susceptibility to a malignant brain cancer known as a glioma to a region on chromosome 17. More

Aging - Alzheimers

Healthy Aging

Negative beliefs about aging predict Alzheimer’s disease in Yale-led study. More

CIRA 90/90/90


The New England HIV Implementation Science Network’s third annual symposium had a clear message that was cited throughout the day: 90-90-90. Getting to zero. More


Hydraulic Fracturing

Study Identifies Toxins in Fracking Fluids and Wastewater. More

LGBT Health

LGBT Health

City Life Poses Health Risks for Gay, Bisexual Men Fleeing Hometowns. More

Opioid - Governor

Opioid Advocacy

YSPH experts join the State of Connecticut's fight against the opioid epidemic. More


Social Justice - Haiti

Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Could Have Been Prevented With Low-cost Approaches. More


Stroke Prevention Guidelines for Women

New guidelines address four risk factors distinct to women, such as pregnancy, oral contraceptives, menopause and hormone replacement. More


Tick-borne Diseases

Yale researchers have discovered a new tick-borne disease that is caused by a bacterium that is related to the bacterium responsible for Lyme disease. More



YSPH researchers are at the forefront of the race against the global Zika epidemic that started in Brazil. More

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