Practice-based Community Health Research (EPH 542b)


The Practice-based Community Health Research course provides opportunities for students to work with local organizations. First offered in 1968, many alumni who completed this course remember the experience as a formative part of their MPH training. Dozens of local organizations have benefited from these projects.

As the course is currently designed, students develop skills in planning and designing practice-based community health research projects. Course content is based on an ecological framework, principles of public health ethics, and a teaching strategy of significant learning experiences and team-based learning. In the current climate of evidence-based practices in public health, this course will help students develop skills in turning practice activities and data into evidence. Assignments are built around a practicum project designed and implemented on behalf of a local agency or organization. Some recent field reports are available below. 

Community organizations interested in benefiting from such a project, and serving as preceptors to MPH students, are encouraged to contact Debbie Humphries for further information.


Field Action Reports 2016

Homelessness, Rent Stress and Available Housing in New Haven, CT
Community Health Research Team: Chasmine Flax, Michael Perrin
Preceptors: Bonita Grubbs, Merryl Eaton
Faculty Advisor: Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Colette Matysiak

Farmington Valley Health District Community Health Assessment
Community Health Research Team: Megan Carroll, Heather Ferguson, Monica Guo
Preceptor: Jennifer Kertanis
Faculty Advisor: Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Colette Matysiak

Screening for Elder Abuse: Exploring the Acceptability of the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index to Law Enforcement Officers for Field Use
Community Health Research Team: Elina Kurkurina, Sonam Lama
Preceptors: Erin Burk-Leaver
Faculty Advisor: Joan Monin, Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Brittany Lange

Assessing an Asthma Care Intervention at Optimus Health Care
Community Health Research Team: Mari Armstrong-Hough, Louis Gregory, Yang Zhang
Preceptors: Alix Pose
Faculty Advisor: Janneane Gent, Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Colette Matysiak

Field Action Reports 2015

Recommendations for Substance Abuse Safety and Engagement at New London Homeless Hospitality Center
Community Health Research Team: Gabrielle Daniels, Fkadu Gelaw, Brittany C.L. Lange, Colette Matysiak, Anji Yi,
Preceptors: Cathy Zall
Faculty Advisor: David Fiellin and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Jennifer Grasso 

Identifying the Community Health Needs in the Yale New Haven Health System: Key Priorities, Barriers to Health, and Recommendations 
Community Health Research Team: Julia Anderson, Kathy Doan, Alexandra Hua, Maria Ma, Etna Tiburcio
Preceptors: Augusta Mueller, Carolyn Salgiver, and Kathy Carley-Spanier
Faculty Advisor: Danya Keene and Debbie Humphries   

Evaluating the Impact of Common Ground High School, Urban Farm, and Environmental Education Center on Student Health Behaviors and Outcomes
Community Health Research Team: Cara Donovan, Joanne Fernández, Shaylen Foley, Melody Kingsley, Morgan Pratte, Mengxin (Christie) Zhu
Preceptors: Joel Tolman
Faculty Advisor: Jeannette Ickovics and Debbie Humphries  
Teaching Assistant: Sarah Ali

Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Active Transportation Among Key Stakeholders in Norwalk, CT 
Community Health Research Team: Courtney Choy, Luis E. Maldonado, MPH; Wilhelmenia Ross, Rui Ye
Preceptors: Timothy Callahan, Theresa Argondezzi, and Kaitlin Latham
Faculty Advisor: Alycia Santilli and Debbie Humphries    
Teaching Assistant: Jennifer Grasso

Field Action Reports 2014

Evaluation of a Community-Based Nutrition Education Program in the HAVEN Free Clinic
Community Health Program Planning Team: Chin-Hee Chung, Aliyar Fouladkhah, Geliang Gan, Tracy George, Renu Nadkarni
Preceptors: Abiola Ahove and Laura Skrip
Faculty Advisor: Mayur Desai and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Mary D'Alimonte

Building a Case for Community Respite in New London, Connecticut
Community Health Program Planning Team: Tara Baysol, Anandi van Diepen‐Hedayat, Vamshidher Gankidi, Douglas Keene
Preceptor: Cathy Zall
Faculty Advisor: Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Benjamin Clopper

Assessing Gestational Weight Gain Patterns and Nutritional Services Available to Pregnant Women at Optimus Healthcare
Community Health Program Planning Team: Senate Amusu, Stephanie Boegeman, Yosuke Kita, Ugochi Ukegbu
Preceptor: Alix Pose
Faculty Advisor: Rafael Perez-Escamilla and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Mary D'Alimonte

Examining the Effectiveness of Medicaid Family Planning Expansion in Connecticut
Community Health Program Planning Team: Meghan Angley, Moiuri Siddique, Kimberly Vasquez
Preceptor: Susan Lane
Faculty Advisor: Chima Ndumele and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Crystal Gibson

Affordable Care Act and Connecticut State Innovation Model: Recommended Payment Methods for Community Health Workers
Community Health Program Planning Team: Rumana Rabbani, Jennifer Grasso, Rongrong Wang, Ahsan Malik
Preceptor: Meredith Ferraro
Faculty Advisosr: Elaine O'Keefe, Mary Ann Booss and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Benjamin Clopper

Field Action Reports 2013

Improving Efficiency of Care at Planned Parenthood Through Understanding Patient Demographics and Service Provision Patterns (Planned Parenthood of Southern New England)
Community Health Program Planning Team: Tammie Kwong, Erik Heinonen, Uzma Alam, Aditya Mahalingam-Dhingra, Monica Jordan
Preceptor: Susan Lane
Faculty Advisor: Trace Kershaw and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Amelia Reese Masterson

Using Technology to Fight Elder Abuse: Exploring the potential of interactive tools to increase health care provider recognition and reporting (Jewish Home for the Elderly)
Community Health Program Planning Team: Sophia Yuan Zhao, Hannah Mitchell, Lela Posey
Preceptor: Laura Snow and Julia Portale 
Faculty Advisor: Joan Monin and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Neel Iyer

Funding Community Health Workers:  Best Practices and the way forward (Southwestern Area Health Education Center)
Community Health Program Planning Team: Charles Felix, Crystal Gibson, Jennifer Alvisurez, Jasmin Harpe, Ben Clopper
Preceptor: Meredith Ferraro
Faculty Advisor: Elaine O'Keefe, Rafael Perez-Escamilla and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Amelia Reese Masterson

Improving Patient Satisfaction: Assessment and evaluation of VNA Healthcare’s HHCAHPS performance (Visiting Nurse Association Healthcare Inc.)
Community Health Program Planning Team: Courtney Armstrong, Lauren Warren, Katherine Gendreau, Dave Muccino
Preceptor: Christine Anderson
Faculty Advisor: Ingrid Nembhard and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Neel Iyer

Providing Culturally Competent Care in the Face of Health Disparities: Assessment and Training Recommendations
Community Health Program Planning Team: Rosalyn Chan, Adam Eldahan, Mary D'Alimonte, Athena Samara, Sisi Wang
Preceptor: Alix Pose-Sussman
Faculty Advisor: Judith Lichtman and Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Margaret Lippit

Field Action Reports 2012

Community Health Program Planning Team: Xindi Fang, Mariam Girguis, Stephanie Shao, Isy Tavarez
Preceptor: Chris Cole
Faculty Advisor: Debbie Humphries
Teaching Assistant: Britton Gibson

Community Health Program Planning Team: Margaret Lippitt, Ana Sierra, Katie Stetler, Yao Yang
Preceptors: Kevin Irwin,  Shawn Lang
Faculty Advisor: Derrick Gordon
Teaching Assistant: Stephanie Platis

Community Health Program Planning Team: Tiffanie Jones, Frank Lin, Avantika Saraf
Preceptor: Alix Pose-Sussman
Faculty Advisor:  Mehmet Sofuoglu
Teaching Assistant:  Katherine LaMonaca 

Community Health Program Planning Team: Brigette Davis, Amelia Reese, Kate Schedel, Surabhi Srivastava, Jamille Taylor, Bridget Whitney
Preceptor: Susan Lane
Faculty Advisor: Linda Niccolai
Teaching Assistant: Britton Gibso

Field Action Reports 2011

Optimus Health Care: Smoking Cessation and HIV in a Connecticut-based Community Health Care Center  
Preceptor: Alix Pose 
Faculty Advisor: David Fiellin 
Community Health Program Planning Team: Bill Hayes, Mia Kanak, Katie LaMonaca, Jason Yost 

Program Preceptor: Krista Heybruck 
Faculty Advisor: Denise Stevens 
Community Health Program Planning Team: Nicholas DeVito, Britton Gibson, Blanca Paccha, Stephanie Platis

Spring 2017 Prospectus

Project Prospectus 

Information sessions:  
Mon. Nov. 7 - noon - 1:00 pm, LEPH 216
Wed. Nov. 9 - 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm, LEPH 115

We have implemented several of the groups recommendations with positive results. Yale student groups have met our need for actionable suggestions that directly impact the health status of our very vulnerable and underserved guests.

Catherine Zall, Executive Director, New London Homeless Hospitality Center

These students are like having a mini consulting group. We knew there were disparities. This study confirmed our suspicions and gives us a basis to find the funding to address it.