Public Health Practicum (EPH 500b)

Public Health Practicum (EPH 500b) is offered to second-year students and advanced professional (AP) students in the spring semester. The course combines experiential learning and guided classroom discussion. Students select a field placement where they apply public health concepts and competencies learned in the classroom through a practice experience that is relevant to their interests and area of specialization. For further information contact Mary Ann Booss or Elaine O'Keefe

Examples of recent projects and placements are:

Connecticut Department of Public Health

Follow-up Evaluation of Bladder Cancer Rates in Residents of the Town of Stratford Relative to Exposure to Hazardous Waste from the Former Raymark Industries Superfund Site

City Harvest, New York City

Evaluation of nutrition education initiatives

Yale Emerging Infections Program

Analysis of data from EHS-Net Chicken Handling Study

Department of Emergency Medicine, Yale New Haven Hospital

Analysis of variations in medical practice regarding prescription of CT scans

Leeway Private AIDS Facility

Assessment of Current and Future HIV/AIDS Needs, Care, and Services at the State and Local Levels

The Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

The Modified Yale Food Addiction Scale and Obesity