Lawrence Edward Marks PhD

Professor of Epidemiology (Environmental Health) and of Psychology

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student ResearchSchool of Public Health: Environmental Health Sciences

Research Interests

Human sensory, perceptual, and cognitive function; Psychophysics; Synesthesia more...


  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1965

Selected Publications

  • Marks, L.E., & Mulvenna, C.M. (2013). Synesthesia on our mind. Theoria et Historia Scientiarum, 10, 13-35.
  • Brewer, J., Shepard, T.G., Shavit, A.Y., Veldhuizen, M.G., Parikh, R. & Marks, L.E. (2013). Identification of gustatory-olfactory flavors mixtures: Effects of linguistic labeling. Chemical Senses, 38, 305-313.
  • Marks, L.E., & Mulvenna, C.M. (2013). Synesthesia, at and near its borders. Frontiers in Psychology, doi: 10.3389/fsyg.2013.00651



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