Lauretta E Grau PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

Research Interests

HIV prevention; Hepatitis prevention; Harm reduction; Health psychology; Injection drug use; Overdose prevention; Substance abuse within Families

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Grau is a clinical psychologist with training in health psychology and has expertise in identifying the cognitive and emotional correlates of risk and preventive health behaviors. She has been involved in the field of HIV prevention research for over fifteen years and has been working with syringe exchange programs for almost a decade. Dr. Grau has conducted multisite, longitudinal evaluations of syringe exchange programs, including a feasibility and cost-effectiveness study of offering hepatitis vaccination through syringe exchanges. She also has experience in HIV and hepatitis prevention research with sexually active adolescents, minority and drug using populations, and most recently with older populations. In addition, she has led women’s support groups at the local syringe exchanges. On a broader level, Dr. Grau is interested in research that will result in the development and implementation of individual, family- and community-based harm reduction interventions.

Selected Publications

  • Ekaterina V, Fedorova EV, Skochilov RV, Heimer R, Case P, Beletsky L, Grau LE, Kozlov AP, Shaboltas AV. Access to syringes for HIV prevention for injection drug users in St. Petersburg, Russia: syringe purchase test study, BioMed Central (in press).
  • Akselrod H., Grau L.E., Barbour R.C., Heimer R. (2013) Seroprevalence of HIV, HBV, and HCV among Injection Drug Users in Connecticut: Understanding Infection and Co-infection Risks in a Non-Urban Population. American Journal of Public Health (in press)
  • Grau LE, Krasnoselskikh TV, Shaboltas AV, Skochilov RV, Kozlov AP, and Abdala N. (2013). Cultural Adaptation of an Intervention to Reduce Sexual Risk Behaviors among Patients Attending a STI Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia. Prevention Science (in press) DOI 10.1007_s11121-012-0301-6.
  • Abdala N., Grau, L.E., Zhan, W., Shaboltas, A.V., Skochilov, R., Kozlov, A.P, Krasnoselskikh, T.V. (2013). Inebriation, drinking motivations and sexual risk taking among sexually transmitted disease clinic patients in St. Petersburg, Russia. AIDS Beh., 17 (3):1144-1150
  • Cepeda J.A., Odinokova V.A., Heimer, R., Grau L.E., Lyubimova A., Safiullina L., Levina, O.S., Niccolai L.M. (2011). Drug network characteristics and HIV risk among injection drug users in Russia: The roles of trust, size, and stability. AIDS and Behavior, 15(5): 1003-1010.
  • Beletsky L, Grau LE, White E, Bowman S, Heimer R. (2011) Content, Correlates and Predictors of Police Training Initiatives by Syringe Exchange Programs. Drug & Alcohol Dependence, 19(1-2):145-9.
  • Green, T.C., L.E. Grau, H. W. Carver, M. Kinzly, R. Heimer. (2011). Epidemiologic trends and geographic patterns of fatal opioid intoxications in Connecticut, USA: 1997 – 2007. Drug Alcohol Dependence., 115(3):221-228.
  • Beletsky, L., Grau, L.E., White, E., Bowman, S., and Heimer, R. (2011). The roles of law, client race, and program visibility in shaping police interference with the operation of US syringe exchange programs. Addiction 106 (2), 357-365.
  • Heimer R., Dasgupta N., Irwin K.S., Kinzly M., Harvey A.P., Givens A., and Grau L.E. (2011). Chronic pain, addiction severity, and misuse of opioids in Cumberland County, Maine. Addictive Behaviors, 37:346-349.
  • Grau LE, White E, Niccolai LM, Toussova OV, Verevochkin SV, Kozlov AP, and Heimer R. (2011). HIV disclosure, condom use, and awareness of HIV infection among HIV-positive, heterosexual drug injectors in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. AIDS & Behavior. 15(1):45-57.


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