DeWei Li PhD, MSc

Lecturer in Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

Research Interests

Spatial and temporal patterns of airborne fungi, indoor molds, anamorphic fungi.

Research Summary

Dr. Li’s research interests includes spatial and temporal patterns of airborne fungi, relationships of airborne fungi and air quality, characterization of airborne fungal spores, indoor fungal diversity, sampling strategy of indoor fungi investigation, indoor fungal ecology, and biosystematics of anamorphic fungi with a focus on Stachybotrys and allies.

Selected Publications

  • Wiederhold N P., Sutton D A, Li D.-W., Liang Y, Thompson E H., Wickes B L., Herrera M L., Rhoads S L. and Mortensen J E. 2014. Stachybotrys eucylindrospora isolated from foreign material following a traumatic eye injury. Mycoses doi:101111/myc.12173
  • Jie CY, Geng K, Jiang YL, Xu JJ, Hyde KD, McKenzie EHC, Zhang TY, Bahkali AH, Li DW, Wang Y. 2013. Stachybotrys from soil in China, identified by morphology and molecular phylogeny. Mycological Progress 12: 693-698
  • Gent J. F., Kezik, J. M., Hill, M E., Tsai, E., Li, D.-W., Leaderer, B. P. 2012. Household mold and dust allergens: Exposure, sensitization and childhood asthma morbidity. Environmental Research 118: 86-93.
  • Li, D. W., Chen, J.Y., and Wang Y.X. 2010. Two new species of dematiaceous hyphomycetes from Hubei, China. Sydowia 62 (1): 171-179.
  • Li, D. W. and LaMondia, James. 2010 (2009). Airborne fungi associated with ornamental plant propagation in greenhouses. Aerobiologia 26:15–28.
  • Li, D. W. 2007. Stachybotrys eucylindrospora, sp. nov. resulting from a re-examination of Stachybotrys cylindrospora. Mycologia 99: 332-339.
  • Li, D.W. 2005. Release and Dispersal of Basidiospores from Amanita muscaria var. alba and their infiltration to a residence. Mycological Research 109: 1235-1242.
  • Li, D. W. and Yang, C. S. 2004. Fungal Contamination as a Major Contributor of Sick Building Syndrome. Pp. 31-112. in “Sick Building Syndrome (Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 55)”, David Straus, ed. Elsevier-Academic Press, San Diego. 474 pp.
  • Li, D. W. and Kendrick, B. 1995. A year-round study on functional relations of airborne fungi with meteorological factors. Int. Biometeorol. 39: 74-80.
  • Li, D. W. and Kendrick, B. 1995. A year-round outdoor aeromycological study in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Grana 34: 199-207.

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