Arthur Brooks Du Bois MD

Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

Selected Publications

  • DuBois, A.B., Harb, Z.F. and Fox, S.H. Thermal discomfort of respiratory protective devices. American Industrial Hygiene Associates Journal 51: 550-554, 1990.
  • DuBois, A.B., Douglas, J.S., Stitt, J.T. and Mohsenin, V. Production and absorption of nitric oxide gas in the nose. Journal of Applied Physiology 84(4): 1217-1244, 1998.
  • Asgari, M., DuBois, A.B., Asgari, M., Gent, J. and Beckett, W.S. Association of ambient air quality with children's lung function in urban and rural Iran. Archives of Environmental Health 53: 222-230, 1998.
  • Kelly, P.M. and DuBois, A.B. Comparison between the uptake of nitrous oxide and nitric oxide in the human nose. Journal of Applied Physiology 85: 1203-1209, 1998.
  • DuBois, A.B., Kelly, P.M., Douglas, J.S., and Mohsenin, V. Nitric oxide production in trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and respiratory bronchioles of humans. Journal of Applied Physiology 86: 159-167, 1998.

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