Tips for Developing the Internship Work Plan

Developing a detailed and clear internship work plan is essential to the success of your summer experience. Below are a few tips to help you in the process.

  • The development of the work plan is meant to be a collaborative process among you, your preceptor and your faculty advisor.  Expect some back and forth conversation and questions as everyone contributes ideas.
  • The work plan should align with the Public Health Practice Guidelines (Appendix I in the YSPH Bulletin) in order to fulfill the practicum requirement.  It should detail:
    • The internship objective(s)
    • The tasks required for achieving this objective
    • The deliverable(s) expected at the end of the internship
    • The resources that will be available to you
    • You should consider the relevant learning objectives that reflect the established learning objectives for the MPH Core curriculum (as published in the Yale Bulletin) and communicate with your faculty advisor regarding the learning objectives for your specific area of specialization.
  • The internship objectives should be SMART
    • S – Specific
      What exactly will you be working on and how does that project fit within the goals of the organization or agency where you will conduct your internship?
    • M – Measurable 

      Will you and your preceptor be able to assess whether the objectives have been reached?

    • A – Achievable 

      Can you achieve these objectives during the 10-12 weeks that you will be there?  Are they appropriate based on the skills that you bring and the support/resources available to you on-site?

    • R – Realistic 

      Are these tasks appropriate for someone at a Master’s level?  Are the skills required within the realm of what you have learned and if not, will you receive training?

    • T – Time sensitive 

      Do you expect to complete the entire project within the internship time frame. If not, what aspects are expected to be done?

  • Although the work plan should be as specific as possible, it should leave room for flexibility once you arrive to the internship site.