Internship Forms

Both the Office of Career Services and the Office of Public Health Practice work with students to ensure the best possible summer internships. Students are required to submit work plans for their summer internship to the Office of Public Health Practice by April 30. Students who miss this deadline, and who also fail to notify the Office of Public Health Practice about extenuating circumstances by April 30, will not receive credit for a summer internship and will need to meet their summer internship requirement during the following summer (meaning that they will not graduate with their class). We encourage students to begin planning for their summer internship early and to submit work plans well in advance of the deadline. All required forms and guidance documents are available below.

Policy established October, 2009


  • Click here to preview the information asked for in the online work plan. Once you have gathered ALL of the necessary information, you can populate the online work plan. 
  • Links to your individualized work plan forms have been sent to your Yale email accounts

Tips and Samples: