Campus Initiatives

Global Health

Commitment to global health is pervasive at both Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) and the greater university. Faculty and students across different YSPH departments are actively involved in projects that impact health worldwide in areas such as chronic disease, infectious disease, policy, administration and behavioral science. See below for a list of various initiatives on campus serving global health and other international needs.

Yale Global Health Initiative

A campus-wide effort to bring together researchers and students working in global health. The Global Health Initiative (GHI) defines global health as the field of study and practice focused on the health of human populations in a global context, transcending the perspectives and concerns of individual nations. 

Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI)

A university-wide initiative striving to develop the next generation of global health leaders through innovative educational, training and research programs that strengthen the capacity of communities and countries to ensure health equity and quality of care for all. To learn more about GHLI, visit: 

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