Curriculum - Master of Public Health

Global Health Opportunities Fair

In addition to mastering the core curriculum competencies and the competencies for the student’s department or program, each student in the Global Health Concentration learns to analyze and describe international health issues. All students in the Global Health Concentration will complete three global health courses from at least two of the five perspectives on public health by which global health courses have been categorized. Students will also participate in two semesters of the Global Health Seminar (preferably in their first year) and complete a global health internship during the summer between the first and second years of the M.P.H. program. If students have already had 10-12 weeks of international public health experience, they can do an internship based in the US as long as it is pertinent to global health; otherwise, they have to do an internship abroad. Students must write a global health-related thesis or participate in a relevant capstone experience (as determined by their department).