Making a Difference

Serap Aksoy's laboratory.

The School of Public Health has long trained the researchers, practitioners and educators needed to meet the world’s health challenges. In the laboratory and in the field, faculty and students collaborate to find answers, and alumni lead efforts to improve the health of individuals and populations around the globe.

The Yale School of Public Health is positioned to have a major impact on global health in the 21st century. The world’s most pressing health issues are addressed here by a faculty that the Chronicle of Higher Education reports is the most productive in the country. Master’s and doctoral applications have consistently risen, and Yale College students are seeking more opportunities to learn about public health. A new generation is coming to us with a passion for hard work that is worth doing.

"To save one life is as if you have saved the world." —The Talmud

Funds created through the Challenge Fund for the School of Public Health

  • The Domenick and Gertrude Spinelli Scholarship Fund 
  • The Dr. George L. LeBouvier and Dr. Robert W. McCollum Scholarship Fund
  • The Robert E. and Jean E. Steele Scholarship Fund
  • The Cynthia Barnett Cancer Prevention Research Fund
  • The Honorable Tina Brozman Foundation Fund for the Prevention of Ovarian Cancer
  • The Deborah Rose Endowment for Community Health Fund
  • The Eduardo A. Braniff Summer Internship Fund
  • The Ralph Skolnik Summer Internship Fund
  • The William H. Prusoff Fund for the Prevention of Global Infectious Diseases
  • The John G. Mayer and Theresa Shyu Scholarship Fund
  • The Cunningham Gardiner Foundation Dean’s Resource Fund
  • The Okvuran Fund for International Support
  • The Laurence ’69 and Judith Weiss Dean’s Resource Fund
  • The Margot Moore Brinkley ’61 M.A.T. Scholarship Fund
  • The Jane Keniston Scholarship Fund
  • The Maureen and Antoine Chiquet Fund for Global Health
  • The Zaccagnino-Borgstrom Scholarship Fund
  • The Hecht-Albert Global Health Fund
  • The Thomas C. Rubin ’83 & Nina D. Russell ’86 Global Health Fund
  • The Dull Family Summer Internship Fund
  • The Li Foundation Fellowship and Scholarship Fund
  • The William Crawford Health Information Technology Fund
  • The Creed/Patton/Steele  Summer Internship Fund
  • The George Tolis Scholarship Fund