The LeBouvier/McCollum Scholarship

George L. LeBouvier was known for reaching out to others, mentoring students, and helping them feel like they belonged. The senior research associate in epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health has since passed away, but his memory will live on in the form of a scholarship established by a medical doctor who remains grateful for the guidance and friendship LeBouvier offered him decades ago.

LeBouvier took the donor—then a young student—under his wing and helped him apply to the School of Public Health. The donor graduated with an MPH and eventually earned his medical degree and today enjoys a successful medical practice in the Boston area.

“He helped me get an education that enabled me to get where I am today,” said the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous. “None of this would have happened without an education at YSPH. He took a real interest. He became a good friend.”

The fund also honors Robert W. McCollum, M.D., a distingushed virologist and former chair of Epidemiology and Public Health who served as the donor’s advisor.

The aim of the fund is to help ease the financial burden faced by many students. The donor said that when he graduated, federal funds and other sources allowed him to do so debt free. “I didn’t have to spend a cent,” he said. “I figured I owed something to others.”