Donor pays tribute to father with public health scholarship

“Public health is near and dear to my heart,” said Sterling Brinkley Jr., ’74 BA, who funded a new scholarship for M.P.H. students at the School of Public Health as a tribute to his father.

A Yale football player, Sterling “Brownie” Brinkley, ’40 BA, ’43 MD spent his entire career in public health, primarily as a medical administrator for the United Mine Workers Welfare and Retirement Fund. Later, the elder Brinkley focused on people with disabilities, including vocational rehabilitation.

“I saw public health up close and personal,” said the junior Brinkley, “and I saw what a difference it could make.” 'Noting that people go into public health "to make a difference, not to make money," he is happy to make it "a little easier for talented young people to enter this important field." Brinkley said, "The Yale School of Public Health is an extraordinary and innovative institution that deserves broad support."

Brinkley, Jr., is a now private investor and since 1989 has been chairman of EZCorp, named to Fortune magazine’s 2010 list of “100 Fastest Growing Companies.”