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Student Scholarships

Students enroll in the School of Public Health to improve the health of communities, not to enter lucrative careers. Their ability to live out their high ideals is directly related to our ability to provide financial aid. Financial aid endowments help reduce our students’ debt burden and clears the way for their important work tomorrow. At best, we can offer scholarships that cover less than 20 percent of total annual expenses.

Summer Internships

Public health is a “real world” discipline. To gain exposure to fieldwork, students complete a required 10- to 12-week summer internship. Although this is a full-time commitment, precluding other employment, nearly half of the participants receive no funding to finance their travel and living expenses. New endowment support can open learning opportunities for students around the world.


Successful institutions respond quickly to emerging needs and opportunities. Endowed resource funds support this kind of flexibility by providing startup money for faculty initiatives. Such funding allows researchers to ask, “What’s important?” rather than simply “What’s fundable?” and supports an array of programs, including global initiatives, disease prevention, and environmental health.

Alumni Fund

Need-based financial aid is offered to 48% of our students. Contributions by alumni and others to the YSPH Alumni Fund relieve students of accumulated debt, inspiring them to work in communities around the world where they are needed most. Every dollar donated to the Fund makes a difference. Please make it possible for Yale School of Public Health students to pursue their academic aspirations by supporting financial aid through the Alumni Fund. To make a gift to the Alumni Fund, click here. To learn more about the Fund please contact Tony Violanoat (203) 432-6956.

Endowed Gift Opportunities

The Yale endowment supports our faculty, provides financial aid for students and sustains a myriad of programs and activities. Minimum funding requirements for endowed funds vary depending on the nature of the gift opportunity. For example, currently donors may support financial aid for students in the School of Public Health by creating an endowed fund with a minimum gift of $50,000. A named faculty fellowship for non-tenured School of Public Health faculty may be endowed with a gift of $1,500,000, a professorship with $3,000,000, or a dean's or director's position with a gift of $5,000,000. For examples of other giving opportunities, click here

Planned Giving

With a planned giving strategy, you can put your assets to work for the Yale School of Public Health—while you and the School share in the benefits. To find out more about bequests, gifts of appreciated stock or real estate, and annuity options, please visit the Office of Planned Giving