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  • Substance Abuse, HIV and HCV Treatments to Improve Health Outcomes in Drug Users

Forsyth, Brian

  • Addressing Adherence to PMTCT and Early Care of Women and Infants in South Africa
  • CIRA/University of Pretoria South Africa Research Collaboration Project
  • Promoting Resilience in Young Children of HIV-infected Mothers in South Africa

Friedland, Gerald

  • Confronting XDR TB and HIV in Rural South Africa
  • Opioids & HIV Medications: Interactions in Drug Abusers

Heimer, Robert

  • Integrating Sex & Drug Related HIV Risk & Transmission
  • Russian Research and Methodological Center for HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Environmental Factors in HIV Transmission Among Suburban IDUs
  • TB-AIDS Clinical Training and Research Unit, Russia
  • Environmental Factors in HIV Transmission among Surburban IDUs
  • Developing an Evaluation Platform fro UNFPA's Y-PEER projects
  • International Feasibility Study of Pharmacy-Based HIV Prevention:  St. Petersburg
  • Drug Policy, Incarceration, Community Re-entry, and Race Disparities in HIV/AIDS

Khoshnood, Kaveh

  • China Multidisciplinary AIDS Prevention Training Program
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White, Edward (Ted)

  • Online Respondent Driven Sampling and Data Collection for Men Who Have Sex With Men
  • A Community Research Partnership Program: Sexually Transmitted Testing for CT Men Who Have Sex With Men