Research and Global Health

The faculty and students in EMD carry out interdisciplinary research ranging from field and laboratory based studies in vector borne diseases, to emerging infections, to host defense and pathogenesis. Students have unique opportunities to use the Department's special laboratory facilities for bio-containment of infectious agents and for rearing and studying arthropod disease vectors. Faculty members also have extensive international collaborations underway in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and Russia, which the students participate in.

Ixodes Scapularis Larva

Eco-epidemiology of Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases

The Department of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases brings together expertise in entomology, eco-epidemiology and human pathology to study zoonotic diseases. 

HIV virus

HIV, TB, Hepatitis

HIV, viral hepatitis, TB, and other infectious diseases in the context of drug abuse and injection constitute a syndemic ...


South Africa HIV/AIDS & TB

KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the world. Closely linked to this HIV epidemic is one of the world’s most severe TB epidemics. 

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Infectious Disease Modeling

This research focuses on integrating tools from epidemiology, statistics, evolutionary ecology, economics and other fields in order to generate novel predictions of the impact of public...

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Neglected Tropical Diseases

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are a group of diseases caused by different etiological agents which primarily impact the world’s poorest people in both rural and urban areas. This...

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Nutrition and Infectious Disease

Malnutrition affects over a billion people worldwide, ranging from the extremes of stunting and obesity, to the less visible micronutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin A, iron and zinc. 

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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections are a major public health problem because of their high prevalence, associated poor health outcomes, and the disproportionate impact on vulnerable...

Sunil in Africa

Translational Research in Malaria

This research interests focus on translational studies of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Brazil group

Urban Slum Health & Brazil

Yale researchers are actively engaged with community leaders and residents to implement field research and identify effective public health interventions for urban slum settlements in...

Malaria Ward

Genetics and Infectious Disease: Richard Bucala

This research focuses on the role of immunity in the host-pathogen interaction and the clinical expression of different infectious diseases.