Research in the department covers a broad range of environmental health research projects directed at understanding the impact of environmental stressors on human health and comfort. Research projects include those in epidemiology, occupational health, respiratory physiology, thermal physiology, exposure assessment, psychophysics, air quality, and risk assessment. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Study of Asthma (Development, Severity, Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors in Infants and Children and Pregnancy Outcomes)
  • Genetic and Environmental Aspects of Breast Cancer
  • Environmental, Viral (Epstein-Barr) and Genetic Risk Factors Related to Lymphoma and Myeloma
  • Health Effects of Active and Passive Smoking Related to Pregnancy Outcomes and Respiratory Effects on Children
  • Assessing Exposures to Environmental Stressors and their Physiological and Sensory Impact on Human Health
  • Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Respiratory Health of Normal and Sensitive Individuals
  • Exposure to mixtures of environmental chemicals and thyroid cancer risk
  • Exposures and health effects related to shale gas development
  • Use of geographic information systems to characterize environmental exposures

Interdisciplinary Research and Special Projects

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