Past Fellows

2013 Downs FellowsTwelve Downs Fellows from the Yale schools of public health, medicine and nursing will spend their summer on global health research assignments around the world. They are from left to right (starting at the bottom): Kristen McLean, GSAS, Sierra Leone; Erin Jaske, YSPH, Ghana; Idesuwa Ighodaro, YSM, Nigeria; Leah Le, YSPH, Vietnam; Samantha Kaplan, YSM, Ghana; Sean Mbachu, YSM, Rwanda; AnnieTsay, YSPH, Brazil; Mary D’Alimonte, YSPH, India; Emmanuel Ohuabunwa, YSM, South Africa; Musleehat Hamadu, YSPH, Uganda; and Beth Williams, YSN, Zambia. Ryan Boyko, YSPH, Ghana, is not pictured.

For more than a century and a half, Yale faculty and students have been in the forefront of health education and health promotion in foreign countries. Since 1966, the CIH has provided opportunities for almost 400 students to live, learn, work and do research in overseas settings. Many projects undertaken by Downs Fellows have led to prizes for outstanding theses, oral presentations and posters at national and international learned society meetings, and research articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

Fellows have contributed to an increased understanding of epidemiological, genetic, molecular biological, clinical and sociologic patterns in health and medicine. While some Past Fellows have established careers in global health, surveys show that almost all Fellows were influenced profoundly by their experiences abroad regardless of their career choice. Hard copies of recently successful applications may also be read at The Public Health School’s Office of Student Affairs, Career Services Library, Room 114, 47 College Street.

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