Downs Fellowship Committee

(formerly Downs International Health Student Travel Fellowship)

The Downs International Health Student Travel Fellowship honors Wilbur G. Downs (1913 - 1991), M.D., M.P.H., Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale University School of Medicine, renowned physician/scientist in the fields of tropical medicine and infectious diseases, and mentor to many students and colleagues. The Fellowship supports Yale students who undertake biomedical, medical, nursing and/or public health research in developing countries. The selection committee is comprised of faculty from Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health as well as administrators from the Office of International Students and Scholars and the Yale Center for International and Area Studies. Committee members will be asked to serve three-year terms to maintain continuity, beginning in 2011-2012.

rev. 2/16/2015

Downs Committee Membership

Leonard Munstermann - Chair 

Linda Arnold 

James Childs 

Mayur Desai 

Anne-Marie Foltz 

John Forrest 

Rosana Gonzalez-Colaso 

Frank Grosso

Nicola Hawley 

Kaveh Khoshnood  

Albert Ko 

Andre Nissim Sofair

Sunil Parikh 

Curtis Patton 

Felicia Spencer

Nancy Reynolds 

Robert Rohrbaugh 

Paul Bourdillion - YSM Student

Renee Mehra - YSPH Student

Sarah Abussa - YSPH Student

Meher Makda - YSN Student

Some of the members of the 2015 Downs Committee. (Left to right): Luis Maldonado, Leonard Munstermann, Nicola Hawley, Mayur Desai, and Rosana Gonzalez-Colaso.