CT-RI Public Health Training Center

The Connecticut-Rhode Island Public Health Training Center (CT-RI PHTC) was established in 2011 to provide continuing education to the public health workforce, support experiential learning opportunities for students in public health and foster collaboration between academia and the community to address public health problems. In partnership with public health practice organizations and academic programs in public health in Connecticut and Rhode Island, this Center at the Yale School of Public Health brings together key stakeholders to improve the public health workforce and the health of communities. Our academic partners include Southern Connecticut State University, University of Connecticut and Brown University.

Featured Course

CT-RI PHTC: From Carpets to Cosmetics: Chemical Risks in Consumer Products

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Course Description:

The webinar will highlight the health risks associated with chemicals found in common consumer products.  The first presenter is a toxicologist who will discuss the science behind determining the harmful chemicals and assessing the risk. Three case examples will be discussed and a variety of products will be covered.

The second presenter will review an educational tool designed for health educators to raise public awareness of the potential hazards associated with home improvement products commonly found on the workbench or in the garage. Safer alternatives will be discussed and related presentation resources will be outlined.  

Learning Objectives:

• Articulate the science behind the assessment of chemical risks of consumer products.

• Recognize the potentially harmful chemicals found in consumer products.

• Identify safer alternative consumer products.


Gary Ginsberg, PhD,

Dr. Gary Ginsberg is a toxicologist and risk assessor at the Connecticut Department of Public Health within the Section of Environmental and Occupational Health Assessment.  He also serves as adjunct faculty at the Yale School of Public Health and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University Of Connecticut School Of Community Medicine.  He served on the National Academy of Science Panels on Biomonitoring (produced Human Biomonitoring, NAP Press, 2007) and Improving USEPA risk methods (produced Science and Decisions, NAP Press, 2009).  He is a member of US EPA's Science Advisory Board and has served on the Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee (CHPAC). 

Joan Simpson, MSPH,

Joan Simpson has worked at the Connecticut Department of Public Health for over 20 years as a health educator and epidemiologist and works in environmental health.