Master of Science



For more information and to apply to the MS program, visit the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website. Do not try to use SOPHAS. 

Since 1999 the Department of Biostatistics has offered an MS in Biostatistics designed to train students to meet the growing need in managed care organizations, medical research, and the pharmaceutical industry for graduates with technical skills in data analysis. As opposed to the more general MPH degree, the MS degree, now known as the MS in Public Health in the Biostatistics track, emphasizes the theoretical mastery of biostatistical skills from the beginning of the plan of study. Graduates of this program may apply to the PhD degree program.

Like the PhD, the MS in Public Health is offered through the department’s affiliation with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Graduate Studies Executive Committee and the director of graduate studies are responsible for overseeing the progress of these students. For more information, please contact the Melanie Elliot at 203-785-6383.

Generally, there is no financial support for Masters Students, although the opportunity to be a Teaching Fellow is available occasionally in the second year of the program. Information regarding funding opportunities, financial aid, tuition and living costs, as well as student loans, can be found at