Master of Public Health in Biostatistics - Sample Two Year Plan of Study

The MPH in Biostatistics typically requires 20 course units for degree completion. Please note the course unit total is reduced for joint degree students.

Fall Semester- Year 1

NumberTitleCourse Units
BIS 525aSeminar in Biostatistics and Journal Club0
BIS 623aApplied Regression Analysis1
BIS 625aCategorical Data Analysis1
BIS 679aAdvanced Statistical Programming in SAS and R1
CDE/EMD 508aPrinciples of Epidemiology I1
EPH 100aProfessional Skills Seminar0
EPH 515aEthics and Public Health: An Introduction0
STAT 541aProbability Theory1

Spring Semester- Year 1

NumberTitleCourse Units
BIS 525bSeminar in Biostatistics and Journal Club0
BIS 628bLongitudinal and Multilevel Data Analysis1
BIS 630bApplied Survival Analysis1
STAT 542bTheory of Statistics1

Summer Term

NumberTitleCourse Units
EPH 520cSummer Internship0

Fall Semester- Year 2

NumberTitleCourse Units
BIS 540aFundamentals of Clinical Trials1
BIS 678aStatistical Consulting1
CDE 505a*Social and Behavioral Foundations of Health (or elective if taking CDE 537 in spring)1
EHS 510a*  Principles of Environmental Health (or elective if taking EHS 503 in spring)1
HPM 510a*Introduction to Health Policy and Health Systems (or elective if taking HPM 560 in spring)1

Spring Semester- Year 2

NumberTitleCourse Units
BIS 681bStatistical Consulting Lab1
EPH 525bThe Thesis 2
Elective 1

* Students have the option of taking CDE 505 (fall) or CDE 537 (spring); EHS 503 (spring) or EHS 510 (fall); HPM 510 (fall) or HPM 560 (spring) to meet the MPH core requirements.

**Students may petition for exemption from any course for which they can demonstrate competency. Only the instructor for the course can grant an exemption. Student should check with instructor for requirements, and if exempted, have instructor sign form (available on YSPH website), then submit the form to the YSPH registrar. Another course will need to be taken to complete the number of required course units for the MPH degree. 

Full-time student status is considered 4 course units or more per term. 

Updated 12.12.16